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Goldcoders themes or template:

All GC templates just contain*.tpl files which have no power to process data, they only can display. Read more about it on its official website.

All templates need some simple edition (change previous project’s links, logo, banners, …). If you are a newbie and need help, you can purchase a full customization assignment.

Null scripts usually do not work properly and are dangerous for your security.

Security and safety of websites depend on many factors such as your web hosting server, other sites on the server (if the website uses a shared host (almost all cases) ), security of the computer that website’s owner uses, configuration of your hosting , account login’s details , and many others so we are not responsible if you got your website hacked.

Always use a strong password, good antivirus on your computer, also the most important one is choosing a good and qualified web hosting provider.

Fully Automated

1. Choose what you want to buy
2. Go to checkout and select the payment method you want to pay with
3. Pay
The download link will be sent to your email automatically (after the 3rd confirmation if you pay via cryptocurrency).

Accepted Payments

PerfectMoney paymentPayeer peymentBitcoin paymentEtherume paymentLitecoin paymentNEO paymentTron payment


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