(website (script + domains + hosts) )

The script of the website is an open-source and dedicated WordPress-plugin. It is completely automated (it adds programs, sets/changes programs’ status) ; you only need to edit programs’ plans and put your referral links (if you want to). The script is very well formatted and optimized and it works on shared hosting very well. Search engine optimized (Although the website is only online for about 3 year, it beats some rivals on some keywords on google search results).
The total cost of the website is $174 per year (for all the domains, hosts and the dedicated IP address).

  • The website technical:
    • WordPress Based (you can add plugins (many free plugins are available on the WordPress plugin repository)
    • Open-source dedicated WordPress-plugin
      • Fully automated (automatically (with zero action) adds new programs,adds monitors status,adds monitors RCB offers,adds deposits, changes program status, … )
      • User Dashboard (different users types)
      • Latest version of WordPress on php 7.4
      • You can edit the script (if you want to)
      • Ability to sell the script to many people
    • SEO friendly and responsive template.
  • Online for almost 3 years and has been added to many monitors
    • It’s been added in over 45 active and qualified monitors (it also means that over 45 monitors are added in the website)
    • Over 4000 programs have been added (over the years)
  • Premium and meaningful domain names. (available on 3 domains)
    3. (link shorter)
  • Handovers: (buyer will have the online website and all its components (the following items) )
    • 3 domains (as mentioned above)
    • 2 shared hosts (one is being used only to store the screenshots and one for the website)
    • The open-source and dedicated WordPress-plugin
    • The CloudFlare account (with all its data since the online date).
    • The Google account (include Gmail + Google Analytics + Google Search Console (with their data since the online date) )
    • The social networking accounts ( its telegram channel and group and also its twitter )

Please send your offer or questions to us with this page or directly to the owner of the website.


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